Oil Head plate and center

support brackets

(Torsion spring System only)

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Of Columbia, Tennessee

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Like any piece of mechanical equipment, garage doors do require regular maintenance and periodic service. All repairs should be performed in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction manual. If you do not have a manual or proper mechanical expertise and tools, call a qualified door repair service.


Preventive maintenance should be done every six months or more often if conditions warrant.


A standard four sectional 9 x 7 door has around 50 oil points. A light oil such as WD-40 is fine and should be used about every 3 months; however, a 30 weight oil can last up to a year. NEVER use grease.


If you suspect any worn or broken parts, springs out of adjustment or unsure about lubricating your door, call a qualified door repair service and play it safe. 




















Lubrication reduces wear and friction. All the oil points should have from one to three drops of oil every twelve months. Run a small bead of oil along the top of the torsion springs. Do not oil extension springs. Do not oil plastic parts such as plastic rollers or plastic bearings; you may use a small amount of silicone spray lubricant or a full synthetic oil.

Oil all 4 pulleys.


(extension spring system only.)

Oil points for each roller.

Stem or shaft and bearings.

   Oil all hinges.   Your hinges may 

             look a little different but still

             have the same pivotal points.

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