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Noisy Garage Door or Opener


A noisy door could be the result of a number of different possibilities :


Loose or broken hardware


Hinges, roller, bearings or  pulleys needing lubrication


Warn out rollers or bearings


Top fixture rubbing against horizontal track


The nylon center bearing is a common culprit  for squealing


A badly rusted torsion spring


On metal doors with shiplap joints - sections rubbing together as the sections pass by the curve in the track



For openers:


Loose nuts, bolts or screws


A loose drive chain, or chain too tight


Warn drive gear inside motor housing


For a screw drive opener; screw needs lubricating


A loose housing cover or lens cover


If you have any of these problems, it would be best to call a qualified service technician for an oil and adjust  of your door and opener.

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